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Female Brass Players Don't Exist

Female Brass Players Don't Exist

Female Brass Player Don't Exist is part 1 of an educational lecture series created by Kate Warren on gender and equity in brass playing. 


In the top 22 major symphony orchestras there are only 14 female brass players, a number that grossly represents the lack of female representation across the brass field as a whole. The educational (and provocative) seminar Female Brass Players Don’t Exist highlights the lack of women, both in music and brass playing, through qualitative data as well as anecdotal evidence from some of the brass fields most notable women. The seminar discusses the many barriers that women in music face, including: implicit bias, bias of tradition, blind auditions, and discrimination. As well as how historic gender roles play a part in everything from how we select our instruments to how we advocate for our own careers. Conversations about gender inequality in the brass field are always uncomfortable however they are also a necessary step towards breaking down implicit bias. The seminar is designed to educate musicians about the glass ceilings that have yet to be broken, in order to both encourage young women to make their mark in the industry and help men have a greater appreciation for the many invisible barriers their female colleagues face.



Previously Presented at:

- April 23rd, 2021. Northwest Horn Conference

- March 27th, 2021. Northeast Horn Workshop

- March 13th, 2021. South East Horn Workshop

- November 2020. Music Library Association, Greater New York chapter, New York, NY

Watch the Lecture:

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