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Where are the Women in Brass Academia?

Where are the Women in Brass Academia?

Where are the Women in Brass Academia is part 2 of an educational lecture series created by Kate Warren on gender and equity in brass playing. 


As a follow-up to the controversial lecture series Female Brass Players Don’t Exist, presented at regional horn workshops in 2021, Kate Warren presents original research on gender in brass playing in relation to the gender distribution of Brass professors/faculty at colleges, universities, and conservatories in the US. Where are the Women in Brass Academia? presents original research on current women in applied brass positions as well as a brief history of women in academia and musical academia.

To access the data collected in this study visit the Database of Women Brass Professors.


Conversations about gender inequality in the brass field are always uncomfortable however they are also a necessary step towards breaking down implicit bias. It is important to keep educating musicians about the glass ceilings that have yet to be broken, in order to both encourage young women to make their mark in the industry and help men have a greater appreciation for the many invisible barriers their women colleagues face.



Previously Presented at:

- August 9-13, 2021. International Horn Symposium 53

Watch the Lecture:

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